Basic Page

Submitted by wbsadmin on Mon, 07/12/2021 - 14:25

Creating a Basic Page

  • To Create A Basic Page, you must select Content -> Add Content -> Basic Page
    • This will bring up a blank canvas to edit
  • Once in edit screen, you have the ability to add a featured image - which will act as a banner
  • You can select different widgets to add to the page depending on what you want to show
    • Example: Links Widget will display as a responsive image grid - which links and images on a page

Editing A Basic Page

  • To edit a Basic Page, you must select content, and find the page you want to edit
    • You can also search with title, or set the "Content Type" to "Basic Page" and select "Filter" and find the page through this
  • Once you have located the Basic Page, select "Edit" to the right, under the "Operations" column

How To Preview A Live Basic Page

Deleting A Basic Page

  • To delete a basic page, you must first find the edit screen for the page
  • Once in the edit screen, scroll to the bottom and select the red "Delete" and confirm the deletion of the page