Program Pages

Submitted by wbsadmin on Mon, 07/12/2021 - 14:36

Creating a Program Page

  • To Create A Program Page, you must select Content -> Add Content -> Program Page
    • This will bring up a blank canvas to edit
  • Once in edit screen, you have the ability to edit the title, and the program acronym
  • Select all affiliated degrees, and select a specialization if applicable (Ex: Co-op)

Editing A Program Page

  • To edit a Program Page, you must select content, and find the page you want to edit
    • You can also search with title, or set the "Content Type" to "Program Page" and select "Filter" and find the page through this
  • Once you have located the Program Page, select "Edit" to the right, under the "Operations" column

How to add other Content Types (Example: Employer, Career)

  • At the bottom of the published page, you have the option to display possible careers and employers
    • To do this, search for the "Employer" or "Career" content type under the Content Tab, and insert the Program Acronym in an empty field. This will automatically add it to the page

How To Preview A Live Program Page

Deleting A Program Page

  • To delete a Program page, you must first find the edit screen for the page
  • Once in the edit screen, scroll to the bottom and select the red "Delete" and confirm the deletion of the page